Why I Do This Work?

Selvika Sahadevan [ Executive Director]

I am happy that I instituted this rehabilitation Center for alcoholics in the Batticaloa District of Sri Lanka. The question as to why I established this Center, often arises in my mind. What is the relationship between alcoholism and myself?

My conscience supplied the answer to my question. Most of my relatives were alcoholics. In spite of this, it had no impact on me. I am the daughter of an alcoholic father. This was the inspiration that planted the seed of my venture.

In my childhood, I witnessed quarrels between my parents, my father’s suspicious, the loss of social status and livelihoods.

My paternal fathers were Principals in two different schools. Their social status was destroyed by their son’s behavior. My father was the chief clerk at the Inland Revenue office. He lost his job and family owing to alcoholism. The issues that my mother confronted with her two young children, were uncountable. My relatives who were kind and generous looked after the family. You are aware that daughters are fond of their fathers. I too loved my father to a great extent. I would imagine that if had lived with my father I could have had more security, prosperity, status, etc.

I desired to go to school with my father, and that he should participate in school functions. He should also sign my progress – reports. These were my dreams. How could I make them come true? I could return to society good Fathers to children who were deprived of paternal love. I could return good children to mothers and good husbands to wives. It is because of this dream that I serve the Rehabilitation Center in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka.

I know that God has chosen me for this service to addicts. He has trained me for this job through an alcoholic father. If I had not been born to him, I could not have dedicated myself to serve addicts . I could have grown – up as an arrogant and egoistic child.


Future Goals

Permanent location

In Future, we would like to move to permanent land to do this program with full of happiness.

Open a save house

All the addicts can’t go home immediately so the have to stay some days after the program.

Program for Youths

We have a plan to do separate program for youths in future. It will help to their careers.

Program for women

Now we are serving only for men, we would like to start a new serving programs for women in future.